One year later…

Mawwidge… is what brought us together… 365 days ago.

We’re not entirely sure where that year went, but we’re more than thankful for each other, and also for our family, friends, our church, and we are thankful beyond words for our God, who is beyond all we need.

So I almost had a meltdown when I realised I wouldn’t be attached to my camera on my wedding day. I thought of a few different things I could do to be able to document it from my POV. One was to have a GoPro pinned into my hair, which I’m sure the amazing Rachel Smith would ‘gladly’ have done…

I had to settle with the feeling of having my third eye removed, but we had the amazing Dave Houldershaw shoot for us. He was more than perfect for the role—both directive and professional, as well as sensitive and kind. For me, the best thing about having Dave shoot for us was that he’s such an easy person to be around. Thanks so much mate!

Since we never got around to sharing many of the amazing photos he shot/edited/compiled for us last year, below is a very quick snapshot of our wedding day.

Daniel - Eldredge Knot

The classy Eldredge Knot, thanks to a YouTube tutorial. Tom later went home and followed suit before dinner.

2ni - bouquet

All floral things were done by our amazing friends! Thank you so much Wendy, Kate, Ella and Liz. They were perfect!

The Girls

Our morning was so chilled and fun. So chilled in fact, that we left two of the dresses behind…

The Boys

Very classy guys.

Wedding Rings

Casually killing time

Looks like the boys had some chilled times too!

String Trio

Our beautifully musically talented friends


Waiting. Also, it was (and today is) Paul’s birthday. Happy birthday Paul!!

Beautiful Nanny and guests

The Girls

Ready for the aisle, in step with the music. Six bars of 6/8 each… I don’t think we made it easy for our musos!

Our handsome ring bearer Oscar and gorgeous flower girl Ella


We’re surrounded by amazing people :)

Jords made a superb arch for us!

Some of our amazing family

Some of our amazing friends

Big thanks to Richard for marrying us!

Big thanks to brave Jun, who got some awesome wide angle shots from above!

Family and guests


I think Dave might have been having fun with some colours both here…


…and here!

Bridal Party

Our awesome crew

Familial love


Many of our family! We’ll be visiting the rest in China later this year :)


It’s a widely believed fact that the bridal party starves during the day. That didn’t happen! Amazing patissier Jean Francois (Choco Cannelle in Ryde) provided a few boxes of tasty treats just after the ceremony. There are many more incriminating shots; I have exercised self-restraint.


The heels came off ASAP.

Cone of silence?

The park had so many nooks and crannies so the shooting was fun!


As above

MCs Levi + Will

Our MCs Levi & Will did a great job keeping the laughs going.


I designed our cake. Is it noticeable?

Yay for friends!

Sparkling tunnel of good riddance/seeya after the honeymoon!

Yay! Thanks for being a part of our lives :) Here’s to many more years of fun ahead…


  1. Such lovely photos to see again. Disappointed to have missed the day, but will be home soon to check out your (newish) home. xx

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