Vivid Sydney 2014

Dan and I walked through Vivid on our first date, so each year this event marks another year together! *Cue awwwh*

Enough of that. This year Vivid had its largest foot-traffic ever. Many nooks, crannies and streets were blocked off by many police-peoples looking bored and cold. Besides that though, the only other hiccup we had was the twelve minutes of random torrential downpour before it cleared up, making for even better Vivid viewing (…the reflections, see…).

It was also my first time on the back of Dan’s scooter. It was nice… not having to worry about parking!

Vivid-2014-42 Vivid-2014-35 Vivid-2014-29 Vivid-2014-28 Vivid-2014-17 Vivid-2014-7 Vivid-2014-100 Vivid-2014-96 Vivid-2014-94 Colourful sails... Vivid-2014-82


  1. Rachel Simpson

    June 4, 2014 at 11:17 pm

    Great shots and words!

  2. Stunning photos as always Tina. xx

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