The public fight against graffiti and vandalism in Sydney is pretty pronounced, with good reason; tags are very dull. However, the stuff that makes ‘street art’ is completely different. They bring neighbourhoods alive, adding huge doses of colour and creativity to the mundane.

They’re also not that easy to find… Melbourne has its renowned Union Lane and Degraves Street in the middle of their CBD, but good street art in Sydney (of the painted variety) can only really be found off the main roads. So I decided to spend a few hours in the Inner West. I parked on Alice Street, and strolled through the maze of laneways around St Peters and Newtown, relying on my good ole internal compass to get me around.

I’m pretty bad with estimations, but I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen so much street art besides Outpost on Cockatoo Island a few years back. Or at Sculpture by the Sea… My eyes overdosed on colours.