I’m constantly on the lookout for heights which might feed my lenses some pretty landscapes. To get to great CBD heights though, you’d probably need an in with the security looking after World or Centrepoint Towers…

We quickly found that The South-East pylon of the Sydney Harbour Bridge offers some pretty decent 360° views. I highly recommend it! After shooting there I headed to Observatory Hill to get some sweet, creamy, golden-hour shots. So much luscious green…

Kirribilli and the Bridge
Harbour Bridge Climb
Circular Quay plus cruise
Bradfield Highway
Circular Quay feat. Carnival Cruise
Millers Point // One Way Jesus
Sydney Observatory Views
Moreton Bay Fig Lavender bushes at the Observatory
Flora at the Observatory
Sydney Observatory Dome

Sydney Laneways
Bird Cages, Angel Place
The Strand Arcade
Stained Glass at The Strand Arcade
Pitt Street Mall
Pitt Street, Sydney