Our stay in Beijing was not dull. To kick things off, Dan’s thongs broke on our flight in but only had other footwear in our checked in luggage. We had to walk through Beijing airport (which includes a little train ride in which you could feel some of the freezing temperatures outside) and endure many, many stares.

We stayed in a hutong very close to the Forbidden City. They used to be the servant’s quarters. Plumbing is old and not easy to overhaul, so our experience with the toilet in our accommodation was… Not so awesome.

Taxi drivers didn’t want to pick us up. We were so confused about this! One late evening we resorted to taking an illegal taxi which charged a ridiculous rate and tried to pick up more passengers on the way to our destination.

It got super-cold super-quickly. On our last day there it went down to -2ºC. Compared with Myanmar, it was a shock to our system. I have a collection of photos of rugged up kids which I will share at some point too…

I’ll go into detail about our day at The Great Wall of China in my next post.