Shanghai is a giant. We were constantly reminded of how very small Sydney is, when we saw infrastructure at work in a city that’s able to hold Australia’s entire population. It’s hugely multicultural, the CBD is perpetually growing, and the metro system is almost* flawless.

We did a daytrip to Xitang, a canal city which is a little more touristy than we preferred, but beautiful nonetheless. A big highlight for my camera and I was going up to a kind-of new skyscraper with the world’s highest observation deck… It was in the shape of a bottle opener and it’s a Japanese building and besides the viewing deck, all we heard of it was slightly coated in racism. Anyway, it was fantastic, and we got there just as the sun was passing through the smog, which gave off brilliant golden and purplish hues.

Another huge highlight for our stay in China in general was (of course) the food. Every meal was beyond tasty, and there was always an abundance.

After our unfortunate experience with the bathroom in Beijing (in my previous blog post), we were insanely spoiled by my cousins, who put us up in a five star hotel on our last night. I literally almost cried with joy. I was grinning like an idiot when I saw the shower head. It measured approx 30cm x 20cm, and I’ve never been the same since…

*We were “helped” at the ticket machine by this lady, who proceeded to steal our change… with a smile.