There are some real-purdy pictures online at Turimetta beach, and I wanted one too. The drive up to the Northern Beaches is quite nice just before twilight, and the return journey can be made before peak hour, which makes a sunrise shoot very doable.

It wasn’t til I parked and was ready to get out that I realised I’d left my precious tripod at home. This makes pre-dawn shots pretty impossible, as I often rely on long-exposures of up to 45 seconds… Which also demands a level of patience as I wait after every shot for my SD card to process the data.

Anyway, I went down to the beach, and had to muster up a lot of steadiness to take a few pre-sunrise shots. Most of them were blurry… As I made my way to the mossy rocks, a pair of guys came down to join me. They were both very well equipped, with a backpack each and a sturdy tripod each. One even had a flash mounted, which confused me, but to each their own! I felt like such a n00b with my one-piece.

The sun rose and it was beautiful, and I felt pretty blessed to get to see amazing sunrises. These projects are never a chore, always rewarding; even the getting-up-at-4am bit.