I decided to do a pre-dawn shoot at Hornby Lighthouse, which is just a bit past The Gap and Watson’s Bay, and I learnt that it’s a much better idea to do an early-morning venture on a Sunday than a weekday. The return journey catches no traffic at all.

The car park spots are a little bit of a walk from the lighthouse itself, which is through a trail of nature and through some glimpses of the navy base, HMAS Watson. By the time I got there, first light had hit, and there was already another photographer set up overlooking the cliff side.

A couple arrived soon after me with a quad-copter, no doubt with a camera attached. I was a little put off as it was hovering over the area, no doubt capturing some of what I was doing…

I was bitten countless times by mosquitoes. It was worse in the humidity; it was so bad I ended up leaving before seeing the sun peer over the horizon. On the way back I walked around the headland and the sun had hit the buildings in the CBD which cast brilliant golden reflections onto the water.

P.S. There was a dead rat in the middle of the path. Nearly walking on it with the lack of light freaked me out something shocking. So I took a photo of it on my return. It’s how I cope?