Ultimo to Darling Harbour: The Goods Line

A short walkway connecting Darling Harbour to Central Station opened up in Ultimo recently. Constructed around an abandoned old rail line, the area has been transformed from a quiet, unused bit of land to a well-landscaped breath of fresh air. I got there for blue hour… the crispy concrete pathways lined with native Australian flora and sections of old rail did not disappoint.

Donned ‘The Goods Line’, it’s only a little path, but makes a lovely place for studying, gathering and for lunches. Five stars, Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority.



  1. Fabulous pics – we’re very proud of our Frank Gehry designed building which exemplifies our programs and where we want to be as a research and education institution – Roy Green (Dean, UTS Business School)

    • Hi there Roy, thanks for commenting. I’m so glad you stumbled upon my article! I’ve yet to do a proper shoot of the Frank Gehry building–inside and out, as I’ve had more classes in a few of the other UTS buildings. It’s definitely on my to-do list!

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