After leaving foggy, 14°C San Francisco, we landed in 40°C Las Vegas. A sprawling array of hotels, hostels, and suburbs, Vegas was an interesting experience.  Our first pit stop after getting our little rented car was to fill our bellies at the local Wendy’s.  After a mammoth meal, we drove down The Strip looking for the hostel we’d booked.

We should’ve just forked out the cash to stay at one of the big hotels. Our hostel was a lot more than a stone’s throw South from the nearest, kind of dilapidated ‘novel’ themed hotel. It shared a carpark with a strip club, and had a naked mannequin riding a mechanical bull out in front. In the evenings, suspiciously young ladies dressed in not very much stood out the front, inviting anyone walking by into their establishment.

Luckily we only had to stay two nights. We spent the first wandering The Strip, saw a Blue Man Group show, had some decent Italian food… then had an early night for the big day ahead.

We left early in the morning to drive to The Grand Canyon, with a stopover at the Hoover Dam. It’s an insane piece of structural engineering! The drive took about five hours each way, crossing the Nevada/Arizona state line, which meant we only got a couple of hours at The Canyon, but it was amazing nonetheless. The skies were clear when we arrived, and a storm was sweeping through/into the canyon, as you can see in some of the photos. It was spectacular!